A love letter to Amarante

Hostess was born from the dream of two young people: João and Laura. Always in love with the beautiful city of Amarante, they started to develop a project to show the world the richness of this peaceful city in the North of Portugal. 

It's abundant. In this land where the painter Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso and the writers Teixeira de Pascoaes and Agustina Bessa-Luís were born, one can breathe culture, art, history, and religion. 

Nature is present everywhere. The Tâmega river, the valley, and the Marão mountain range meet here. With remarkable monuments, such as the church of S. Gonçalo and the S. Gonçalo Bridge, Amarante also stands out for its rich gastronomy, authentic people, and unique way of living.

Laura was born here and has always lived here. João resided in Porto, but it was also here, at his grandparents' house, that he spent his holidays. Here, he learned to ride a bike, took his first dives in the river, helped in the family bakery, and made his first messes with his cousins. 

He definitively left Porto for Amarante at the age of 21. However, their passion for the city is so great that they have convinced three couples to move.

One thing is sure. With Hostess, you will never feel alone. João and Laura are ready to share all the stories about the city and give the best recommendations according to your interests.

Light, relaxed, and always with a smile on their face, you will find the perfect hosts to make you feel at ease. The experience is personalized, and the various accommodations are designed to meet the needs of each visitor. 

And if you want company and good conversation, João or Laura is ready to enjoy a nice glass of Green Wine. You will most likely return.